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Welcome and be prepared to experience the rum festival of the century. 'Tropical Rum Festival' annual festival is held in Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. We have worked with numerous organizations in South Florida such as: the Bob Marley Festival held yearly in Miami.


Sugar-cane has been harvested in the Caribbean for four centuries.

Sugar cane was first introduced to the Caribbean in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. But it wasn't until the decadent era of Louis XIV that Europe developed a real sweet tooth. That fueled sugar production in the Caribbean - and an ugly slave trade to support it. But it also created massive amounts of a sweet, sticky by-product of sugar - molasses - which was distilled into rum. At the time the Declaration of Independence was signed, there were about 150 distilleries making rum from Caribbean molasses in the New England colonies.


West Palm Beach Tropical Rum Festival will be Providing a captive audience of thousands of festival attend. We would like to thank our sponsor and future sponsors for making such a great event possible.